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Logo design

Logo design
Logo design,

Logo design

The graphic design of the logo represents the organization or the product, identifying the business in its simplest form. The message, which is conveyed by its graphic elements should be fully and properly understood by the customers.

The well-designed logo is essential for one prosperous and strong business. When choosing a logo, each company manager must make sure that it will represent the business and its values the right way.

There are five basic types of logo design, each with its advantages and weaknesses. Let’s have a look at them separately in order to help you decide which one will suits best for you.

  • Wordmarks (also known as logotypes) – it is a uniquely styled text that focuses on the business name alone. Very important here is to use strong typography and a proper font. This type of logo works best when the company has a very distinctive and easy to remember name – Google, Yahoo. Another reason to choose a Wordmark logo design is to make your product easier to be recognized by name, than by a symbol i.e. Panasonic, SAMSUNG etc. It is also suitable for businesses that are just getting started. In this case it is important to have a logo, which get the name of the company out and reinforce the tie between visual memory and name recognition. Such logos should be avoided if the name of the company is too long and complex.
  • Lettermark (also known as monogram logos) it is exclusively typographic and is similar to the wordmarks, but highlights the company’s initials or its first letters, not its full name. It is used if the company name is too long or if it is difficult to pronounce. This type of logo is simple, but effective – IBM, HP, HBO etc. It emphasize on every word of the company name, which make them easier for customers to remember it. The lettermarks should be avoided by newer companies, or they should at least include the full name bellow.
  • Pictorial mark (also known as brand mark or logo symbol) – is a simple, yet stylish graphic symbol that gives a clear representation of the company – Apple, Nike. This type of logo is useful for global companies, or for companies with longer names. Since the brand mark is only a symbol and the customers will not be able to see the name of the company, it is not the best choice for smaller companies and for such without strong brand recognition.
  • Combination mark (text and symbol, also knows and iconic logotypes) – spelling out the company name, while associated it with a pictorial mark. This type of logo is adaptable and gives you the flexibility to use the text and the symbol separately, as well as to use them together– Addidas, Pizza Hut, Dove. It is a great choice for pretty much any business.
  • Emblem – consists of fonts inside a symbol, which are practically inseparable. They have a classic style and are commonly used in the auto industry, food industry, organizations and schools – Starbucks, Harley Davidson. Since the text need to be small enough to fit in the image, these logos may not be the best choice when working with print.

Recently a common practice is to add a slogan to the logo.

By choosing KT Design Studio (logo design):

  • We will evaluate your brand and will create a logo that suits best for your company;
  • Your logo will have a unique and memorable look;
  • Your logo will have a longer life and will not need to be redesigned after several years;
  • Your logo will look professional.

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