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Labels & Packaging

Labels & Packaging

The label and packaging design plays essential role when it comes to choosing a product.

The packaging brings information about the product and is an integral part of it. It not only determines the product (the kind of product, its quality, class etc.) but also has an aesthetic function.

The good packaging or label can make the product unique, noticeable and preferred by certain group of customers. When creating a packaging it is very important to identify the target audience. If the packaging communicates with your target market and represents all the qualities and benefits of the product, the customer tends to ignore the price.

In order to stand out, each good product needs an impressive packaging. And the best way to ensure it is to entrust the design of your packaging to a professional designer.

The packaging and the label is the face of the brand. The packaging presents the products in the most attractive way. The quality packaging design helps to understand what is the purpose of the product, how to use it and, most important, evokes the desire to buy it.

The packaging design is what attracts the customer and makes him choose exactly your product versus the other products on the shelf. That is why it requires special attention. The design of the packaging has to be original and memorable, to be easy to use, to give the customer the necessary information of the product and to be associated with the brand.

The packaging design is the key for successful sales. The creative design of the packaging attracts attention, sends a message, and makes users feel confident in their choice.

If the packaging is designed in a way allowing the final product to be made from any material (from paper to wood), then we can say that it is unique.

When creating the design, it is important to follow several principles:

  • Harmonious composition: There are multiple elements that should be places onto the packaging: logo, name of the product, obligatory information such as expiration date, bar code, manufacturer’s name and address, nutrition facts, etc.), additional information for the brand etc. All these elements have to harmonize with each other.
  • Free space: In the past it was necessary to fill every millimeter of the label. Now the feeling of space is the new trend in the design of labels. There must be a balance between the filled and the free space, because large amount of information placed on a little space causes discomfort to the customers.
  • Hierarchy of information. When speaking about the choice of a product, we must consider that people perceive information in a particular order. What is more, people want to get the necessary information as quickly as possible. Therefore the information on the packaging should be positioned in a way that allows the buyer to read it for a few seconds. For example first on the packaging there should be one element to attract the information, then the name of the brand, the name of the product and at the end all other information for the product.

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