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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity

The corporate identity is the “face” of the company, how it will visually present itself to the public.

Corporate identity,

Corporate identity

It is a symbol of how an organization or a company views itself, how it wishes to be perceived by the others and how the others will actually recognize it.

The corporate identity is to achieve harmony between advertising materials, product packaging and trademarks. But it is not just a design, it is also the company’s values, its culture, personality and communications.

The corporate identity is all the visual and sensual aspect of one company.

Most commonly the corporate identity consists of three components:

  • corporate design (logos, uniforms, etc.
  • corporate communication (advertising, public relations, etc.)
  • corporate behavior (organization values, norms of behavior, etc.)

In the contemporary market, where all the companies work under the conditions of a fierce competition, it is very difficult and almost impossible to create a prosperous business without definite corporate identity.
The core element of the corporate identity is the corporate design.

  • the design is the key for recognizing a particular company from its competitors and to differentiate yourself against them;
  • the corporate design implants the first impression in the customers – what is the class of the company and therefore what is the quality of its products and services
  • the corporate design is an important factor of the successful business start – guaranteed by KT Design Studio.

In order to ensure a structured and focused work, it is important to trust just one single design studio to create all the elements of your corporate identity. Why to choose KT Design Studio for creating your corporate identity:

  • We will take into account all aspects of your company. We will study in details your style and your marketing strategy, the needs of your customers and your competitive advantages.
  • We will create for you a unique Branding book – a detailed description of the corporate identity of your company, where all its elements will be integrated and will express the leading values of your business philosophy.
  • We will bind your company image with the most important values of your customers and we will discover and make recognizable those visual elements that remain in mind and provoke a reaction.
  • We’ll create for you attractive and memorable visual accents to be placed on all advertising materials – brochures, stationery, binders, flyers, leaflet etc. That will inspire positive emotions and will represents everything that you stand for.

In your company identity we will bring to life your vision, your culture and your core values.

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