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Book covers

Book cover design

The book covers design is a challenge.

It all starts with the book cover. The cover creates the first impression for the book. The good book covers design must impress the potential reader. It should reflect the theme, the spirit and the message of the book and at the same time should attract the readers’ attention to grab the book out of the shelf and to get to the idea of ​​buying it.

Book covers,

Book covers

How do you choose which books to buy? Does the designs of the cover affect your choice?

Have you ever refused to buy a book because of the not so attractive book cover design?

In fact, the book covers design is a whole science and it deserves respect and attention.
The book cover is the “face” the book. Therefore it is very important to have a very careful approach to its design. Today, more than anything, the cover of the book is not limited to its function to protect the body of the book. Today, the successful book cover speaks to the readers, intrigues, builds up trends, and why not dictates the covers of the competing publishers.
It is no secret that the decision of the potential reader largely depends on the look of the book cover. Despite the phrase “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, the design of the cover is essential as readers have thousands of books to choose from.

 Therefore how to get the readers to choose exactly your book – hold their attention with the perfect design of the cover.

The cover advertises the book.

Many authors often underestimate the design of the book cover, but the cover sells the book. Therefore, the design should express the ideas and values ​​of the book in an original way. The book cover will tell readers a story before they even open the first page. Thus, they have a clue about what to expect from the book.
The book cover design, through the title of the book and the author’s name on it is a kind of short advertising. For the purpose it is very important to choose the appropriate font and colors. A professional designer can give the book the necessary mystery, depth and expressiveness.

The well-designed book covers communicates that the pages within are worth a reader’s time and attention and invites you to take it in your hand.

Do you want to publish a book? We, the designers from, KT Design studio invites you to design together a cover, that stands-out, that matches the content of your story and that will evoke the interest in your readers!

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